Mixing tradition with fashion to bring style to Sikhism

Meet the 20-year-old student from Glendenning who’s bringing some catwalk style into wearing a turban.


For Karan Kaur wearing a turban is the heart of her identity as a Sikh, but styling it up isn’t always easy.

That’s why she created “Style with Kaura” an Instagam account that mixes her Punjabi culture and her love of fashion. 

View original instagram or visit INK361  View original instagram or visit INK361

And she’s notched up 7,000 followers on Instagram in seven months.

“My friends and family said I should start a fashion blog because I still dress modestly, yet fashionable,” she told SBS Radio’s Punjabi program.

There are about 72,296 Australians who claimed Sikhism as their religion in the 2011 Census.


She said styling her turban isn’t always an easy thing in the Western world, particularly Australia. 

“You’ve got your Punjabi morals and values and covering your hair and what not, but what I want to do is mix the Punjabi and Australian culture together and also religion and saying that it’s Okay to wear the turban, and still be modest and still live the Western society norm and still have the Sikhism touch as well.”

The young business student is preparing to study fashion next year and is planning to create a website to inspire other Sikh women to wear the turban.

“The whole reason for starting this blog is because there is no one in the fashion industry who wears the turban.”

View original instagram or visit INK361 

“My main goal is to educate the Western world about the turban and encourage women to wear the turban and show them you can be stylish.”

Despite her social media success, Karan says she faces criticism from her own community.

“I got a lot of criticism about ‘isn’t Sikhism about what’s on the inside not the outside’,” she says.

“I just tell them because we’re representing our religion it’s our responsibility to dress, especially living in a Western society where people want to know who you are and why you wear a turban.”

“I just think yes Sikhism is about on the inside but if our gods fought for our identity and they dressed like Kings and Queens, why should we be left behind?”

Ms Kaur said there have been men who don the turban to model for high-end brands, but as yet there are no women doing it.

She said it’s her dream to break new ground modelling for Chanel and Louis Vutton. 

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